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FREE Resources Every Girl Boss Needs

Free Girl Boss Resources for Every Mompreneur Building Her Empire

       I am wildly excited to share today's post with you! During the past couple of months, I have been focused on growing my blog and printables shop. I have seen tremendous growth (I am talking an over 51% increase in just one month!) and have decided to share my favorite free resources with you. I truly believe we are here on this earth to help each other grow and thrive. As such, I want to do my part by sharing these amazing resources with anyone who is also building their empire. 

           I will be sharing the free printables, videos, and apps that have helped my business grow. I truly believe that if you implement these resources in your daily routine, they too will help your business thrive. 


Hal Elrod

        If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am a huge proponent of the Miracle Morning. Not only does Hal Elrod have an amazing and life changing book, he has printable freebies! The freebies I believe to be most pertinent are his "30-Day Life Transformation" and his "The Miracle Morning Journal." You can find both of these freebies by clicking below. 

 Hal Elrod Free Printables for Girl Boss Mompreneurs

Carrie Green

     I LOVE Carrie Green's book, She Means Business. It took several business building principles and put them in terms and strategies I could easily understand. In addition to her book, Carrie Green offers printables through her website. The most pertinent printable is a journal where you ask yourself a series of questions about your business. This helped me gain clarity and direction with where my business was going. Seriously a game changer and I highly recommend it. The link to her freebies is down below, just click on the >>click me<< and it will take you to her website. 

 Free She Means Business Printables for Every Girl Boss

Ultimate Girl Boss Planner by Malena Haas

      The last set of printables is my very own. I use the Ultimate Girl Boss Inserts every single day and am in love with how they have helped me stay on track and grow my business. The set includes the following inserts: 

* Month At A Glance
* Weekly Post Planner
* Daily Planner
* Daily Post Planner
* Monthly Expenses Tracker
* Monthly Income Tracker
* Master To Do's
* Monthly Goal Planner
* Password Log
* Resource Log
* Stats Page
* Brain Dump/Notes Page

How do you get your hands on this freebie?


Click on Me 


Confirm your email subscription and click on the link for the freebie.


Download and enjoy!


          Now that the previously mentioned freebies have helped you gain clarity and direction of your business, it is time to put things into motion. The following apps have helped me market my business and are absolutely free. The apps do offer upgrades, however, I have yet to upgrade my accounts and have benefited immensely from them already. 

Hootsuite and Buffer

I lumped both of these apps together because they are essentially the same thing. I go back and forth between them as I still don't have a clear favorite. Both of these applications help you schedule out your social media content. It is honestly amazing. If I want a post to go out at the optimal time for the platform but do not want to be a slave to the clock, these apps make life a whole lot easier by posting the content for you! Serious game changer. Simply click on whichever developer you would like to try and you will be taken to their website. You can also go to your app store on your phone and download. 

 Hootsuite Free Girl Boss Application

 Buffer Free Girl Boss Application


 I honestly am kicking myself in the booty for not having tried this application sooner. It is what I have been using to create my thumbnails for the blog, social media and Pinterest. Canva offers perfectly sized templates for each respective platform as well as offering free stock images you can implement into your designs. Win, win. Canva offers both a desktop or phone application, making it extremely easy to create graphics on the go. If you would like to give Canva a go, simply click on the graphics below and you will be taken to their site. 

 Free Girl Boss Graphics Resource


         Now that you have a vision, plan, and are busy turning your dreams into reality, it is time to take care of yourself. Treat yo' self! Seriously though, balance is extremely important and is a must if you want to make it to the goal line. The next free resources are vital to taking care of both your mind and body. 

Morning Meditation

      I have been OBSESSED with this specific morning meditation. It honestly leaves me beaming with positivity. I absolutely love it. The first five minutes are dedicated to actual meditation, getting into the zen zone. The following 6 minutes are dedicated to your visualizations and goals. It combines three of the Miracle Morning elements and is a huge time saver, not to mention extremely effective. If you would like to try this specific meditation, simply click on the video below. 

30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

       Adriene creates the perfect balance between honoring your body and actually pushing your body to reach its potential. I love that I leave her practice feeling as if I have been gentle with myself, yet know my body will be sore the next day because I have actually attained a great workout. Adriene offers a mindful 30 Day Boot Camp which is amazing and absolutely free. If you would like to check her videos out, simply click on the image below. 

       That concludes today's post. I hope that you leave with an abundance of resources, helping you reach your entrepreneurial goals. Let me know if you have tried any of these resources or have any of your own. I would love to hear about them! 


Free Girl Boss Resources for Every Mompreneur Building Her EmpireFree Girl Boss Resources for Every Mompreneur Building Her Empire

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