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Tips And Tricks When Flying With A Toddler

Tips For Flying with Baby Alone

     With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, I thought there would be no better time to share my tips for flying with a toddler. It can be extremely daunting, but rest assured, with the proper preparation the travel portion of the trip can be somewhat enjoyable. Trust me, if I could do it flying solo, you can too. 


       The preparation starts at home. You will need at to plan out two packing items: 1) baby’s check-in bag and your carry-on/personal item that will hold all your tricks and treats for keeping the baby and yourself sane throughout the flight.

1. Lay Out Suitcase A Week Before Flight:

          I like to create a packing list a week in advance and break out the suitcase to start chucking things in until the date of the flight. This helps you avoid rushing around last minute and inevitably forgetting something. Trust me, traveling with a toddler means you do not want to forget that special lovie… all hell will break loose.  Click on the image below if you would like to download my packing list.

2. Start Packing Carry-On 2 or 3 Days Before Flight:
         In my humble opinion, this bag will either make you or break you. I started getting my carry on ready two days prior to our flight. I chose the Longchamp LePliage Neo in Black because it was extremely easy to clean, waterproof, and had a zipper closure which made sure the contents didn’t go spilling everywhere. I absolutely LOVE this bag. It is so light so the only weight came from my the contents, every single one vital and necessary to a smooth flight.  Click on the image below to download my carry-on checklist.

 Perfect Travel Bag

         A big part of being able to quickly access everything packed in my carry-on was this bag organizer.

3. Check Off Packing List The Night Before Flight

      Trust me, it might seem tedious but you will be thanking me the day of when you've made sure to not forget a single thing. Don't forget to back baby's identifying documents as most airlines require proof of age for travel. 

4. Get To Airport SUPER SUPER SUPER Early

      I cannot stress this enough. Getting to the airport with more than enough time allows for a smooth transition at the ticket agent desk, security check and also allows for any possible mishaps. i.e. changing diapers, clothes, buying water, etc. 


1. Wear Baby In A Carrier

      Wearing your baby in carrier frees up your arms so that you can handle paperwork, buy food or fold up your stroller at the gate without having to worry about your little one making a run for the cockpit. This is a major life savor when flying solo with baby. 

2. Pack Baby Gear In Carseat Bag If Possible

       Most airlines allow you to check baby's car seat and stroller free of charge. In order to protect your car seat I highly recommend use of a bag like this one: 

         A bonus is that some airlines let you get away with packing additional baby gear in the car seat bag, allowing room in your luggage for things like clothes.

3. Check Your Stroller At The Gate

      Another major tip is to check your stroller at the gate. First of all, this allows you to pile on your carry on bag while wearing your child or vice versa. Furthermore, having something with wheels which can carry either your child or a heavier carry-on comes in reeeeeally handy when your gate is very farm from the security check. I used our lightweight stroller which was easy to fold and it performed amazingly well. 

In Flight

1. Pack Plenty of Snacks

   Think snacks, on snacks, on snacks. Be sure to take one tried and true and one new. I loved placing them in this spill proof container that doubled as a source of entertainment for David: 

2. Multi-Purpose Toys

        Since you are traveling with limited space, it is best to take multi-purpose toys. I brought a book from Target's dollar spot that was a coloring book, story book, and sticker book all in one. I also brought a multi-sensory toy which tripled as a teether and had a ring which I could clasp on to the exterior of my bag. Major win. 

3. Portable Milk

       I love Horizon milk and was so amazed when I discovered they sell milk in small containers which do not require refrigeration. Major find for traveling! As long as the containers are sealed, security will simply swipe the exterior for clearance and you are good to go. 

        I hope this post has brought you some comfort with respect to your upcoming travels. Know that if I can do it, so can you!

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Tips For Flying with Baby Alone

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