Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adorable Baby Clothes Under $10


        I know I always start off a post by saying how excited I am, but it's always the truth. This week's momma post is no exception. I found some adorable baby clothes that won't break the bank. For some reason I find it harder than usual to spend copious amounts of money on clothes that baby will only wear once. Don't get me wrong, I still invest in special occasion outfits and such but for everyday wear I just cant bring myself to fork over the money. In comes Amazon. Yes, I found all of the above outfits on Amazon.

         Prices for the above outfits from left to right: $8.45, $5.39, and $6.69. Mind blown. I cannot believe how affordable these outfits are! Some of the other cute outfits I've purchased: 

              Now to the disclaimer part: Of all the items purchased, only one was a dud. I consider this a win even though the one item was falling apart at the seams and the logo faded in the first wash (granted I used the 'sanitize' setting for that particular wash cycle). With each outfit coming in under $10.00, this was a non-issue.

         These items seem to come from China. I recommend as with all new clothes that you wash them in a cold cycle prior to use. Items purchased from Amazon can be a hit or miss so I recommend always looking at the reviews and whether the return policy is good. Amazon will always refund your money if the item is returned within the specified period. 

         With other Etsy boutiques posting similar clothing upwards of $20 or $30 dollars, I  consider this find a super win I needed to share with ya'll. Let me know what you think of them and if you have any other suggestions for where to find awesome deals on adorable baby clothes. Until next time, happy shopping!

                             Maria Elena

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