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6 Must-Have Items for Baby's First 6 Months

Must Have Items For Baby

     Today my baby boy is six months old. I am going to share with you our most loved and used items ;) First of all, congrats on your new bundle of joy! With so much going on it can get overwhelming when trying to get the house ready for baby. I'm here to tell you don't stress. Honestly, we used about 25% of the things we had purchased... Confession? He has yet to sleep in his crib! Here is a lowdown on what we actually used: 

    As first time parents we decided to keep him in our room so we could keep a close eye on him while he slept (this transitions in to the next most used item, the owlet). We didn't want him sleeping in our bed because co-sleeping scared me with him being so little. My husband also kicks and moves a lot in his sleep so there was no way I felt comfortable with baby sleeping in our bed. We knew we needed something but weren't sure whether to get a bassinet or a playpen. We finally decided on the bassinet because of size and esthetics.

    We purchased the most adorable Delta Bassinet and it has definitely been worth every single penny. The bassinet comes with a night light that does not disturb him while he sleeps and a vibration setting that helps soothe him when he's fussy. He sleeps in it and plays in it while I shower. It has wheels on it so I literally just roll it into our bathroom and can keep a close eye on him while he plays. LOVE IT! We've honestly used it every day. 

        Since we have a two story home, we needed something for the main floor ::enter playpen::. We have the exact playpen detailed above. It has been PERFECT for us as we use this item every day. It serves as our changing table and a place for him to practice his tummy time (we have a six month old labrador and no way am I leaving him on the floor unattended). He loooves grabbing at the stars and now that he is finally older he can actually reach them. 

2. Owlet Monitor 

    Not many people know this but our son had to be hospitalized within 5 days of being born. He somehow caught a cold from a visitor or someone at the hospital. It was the scariest time of our lives. He was in the hospital for about a week. We wanted to make sure our son was okay while he slept so we purchased the Owlet monitor. It's a monitor that baby wears as a sock and it measures his heart beat as well as his oxygen levels. It has been AMAZING. Such a peace of mind. You can control it from your phone and you can see his vitals right on the screen. There is also a base that is green if all is good and alerts to red if there is an issue. You can see my full review here. Needless to say, we have used this item every day and it has also been worth every penny!

3. Baby Brezza
    I have mentioned the Baby Brezza several times on my blog, and I have done so for a reason. It is GOLD, sheer gold. It has got to be one of my favorite products of all time. I really don't need to say much about this other than this: it's 2 am, you fell asleep but you don't remember how, your baby is crying hysterically for food... Baby Brezza to the rescue. Just stick your bottle under the spout and the perfect amount of formula at the perfect temperature comes out. Brilliant. Trust me, you will thank me for this one. 

4. Wubbanub 

   All hail the magical silencing Wubbanub. We had purchased various passifiers for baby but he automatically took to this one. Something about the stuffed sheep, I suppose he loved a cuddle. I love that it is weighted so his passi doesn't go flinging everywhere. This puppy has been a definite life saver. 

5. Nose Frida

    You put the tip where, and suck out of what? Yes, I was very hesitant to try the Nose Frida when I learned you had to stick the tube up baby's nose and suck out of a straw like tube in order for his boogers to come out. So what did I do? I purchased all other nose suckers under the sun. They all stunk. This is how we found out we needed to go to the hospital, my son couldn't breathe with all the mucous in his nose. When they used the suction at the hospital to aspirate all of his mucous I was shocked! There was so much the other nose suckers hadn't gotten! I was furious. A physician friend of the family recommended the Nose Frida and we haven't looked back. Yes, David still hates getting his nose aspirated but it does what it's supposed to. As a mom, his safety is first and foremost and I will gladly suck his boogers out a of a tube if it means he will breathe better. 

     We seriously used this thing EVERY DAY until he no longer fit in it. Sad momma. David has always been off the charts in height so he grew out of it around 4 months. Even so, it was still worth every penny. This thing is the perfect height, has wheels so you can roll him to wherever you are in the house, and the seat detaches to become a bouncer. It has other features like a cup holder, vibration, and music but I honestly never used those. We did however use this as a portable crib when we had to travel for an out of town wedding. It was the perfect height to roll up to the bed so I could keep a close eye on him. Love, love, love this item. 

     Real Talk.  We never used the swing, we never used the rocking chair, we never used the changing table in his nursery, I hated the Boppy, and every other nose sucker sucked and not in a good way. I'm telling you, don't stress. Babies really don't need that much. What they love the most is snuggles, tickles and lots of kisses. 

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Must Have Items For Baby

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