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5 Books That Made Me A Better Mom

5 Books That Have Made Me A Better Mom
    I LOVE to read. Unfortunately, it has been very difficult to physically read since having a baby. I mean lets be real, I find washing my hair to be a luxury! Who has time to read?! As the title of the post suggests, I will be sharing five books that have made me a better mom. All five books are mommy time friendly, I promise. How is this possible? Audible. 

      I briefly mentioned audio books in my self-care post, but I never really explained when I actually took the time to listen or what I was listening to. I listen to audio books while feeding the baby, doing the dishes, folding laundry, etc. I find it extremely therapeutic and a good source of self-care and self-development. The five books I am sharing range from actual parenting to self-development, but have all been life changing. So without further delay, lets dive right in!

     ::Warning... About to get real personal:: I believe that in order to be a good mother I must first resolve whatever issues I have myself so as to not pass them on to my son. I had a very rough childhood to say the least. I would be here forever if I had to write it all down. One of the biggest battles was dealing with my hate towards a family member who had molested me. I had bottled up hate, trust issues, and resentment. These issues most definitely affected my relationships with people and I did not want to have any of this passed down to my son. This is why I am so forever grateful for this book. It literally brought me to tears as I dealt with feelings I didn't even knew I had. This book has been life changing and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is battling with any hurt in their lives. As the book title suggests, it has helped me heal my life. 

2.  You Are A Bad@ss by Jen Sincero

     Being a mom can leave you feeling lost. Your life is all about changing diapers, feeding, and comforting. I'm not knocking being a mother by any means, it is by far the best job in the world. However, you most likely end up forgetting about yourself because you are so focused on the baby.

    This book will have you [re]discovering your inner bad @ss. And lets face it, bad @sses are better parents. Seriously though, the author is so down to earth and relatable which makes this book so easy and fun to "read."  

3.  Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

      LIFE CHANGING. I also briefly touched on this in my self-care article. This is the book that has enabled me to create and maintain my morning routine. The author has taken the best strategies developed over time and condensed them, enabling you to create your very own productive morning routine. My new routine has kept me sane, productive, and full of energy. All in all, making me one heck of a momma machine!

4. Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman

     I love this book! It dives in to French parenting, specifically as it relates to food and sleep. The author was an American Journalist who ended up moving to Paris and having a child. Intrigued at how french children ate everything and slept through the night so early on, she studied French parenting for three years resulting in this book. It's absolutely fascinating. I've already implemented parts of the book and am happy to report, David sleeps through the night and happily eats his peas and asparagus. 

5. French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon

    This is another good "read" if you already have picky eaters. This author moved to France from Canada with two young school aged girls. I absolutely adored going on this parenting journey with Le Billon as she taught her children to be more open with food, embrace a new culture, and in turn become a closer family unit. A definite must read if you find yourself struggling with your children and food. 

How Audible Works: 

         All new listeners get one month free and one free book. You can select or purchase your books through Amazon or directly through Audible. You can listen to your audio book on your phone, tablet, or computer. Personally, I listen to my books through my phone with my headphones so I don't wake up napping baby. 

          Let me know if you've ready any of the 5 books I mentioned or if you have any awesome reads of your own. I am always looking for something new to listen to ;) Hope you enjoyed this weeks momma post, see you next week!
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5 Books That Have Made Me A Better Mom


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