Saturday, November 5, 2016

October Favorites

Beauty Favorites

1. Asterwood Naturals Hyaluronic Acid ($9.99)

    I was turned on to this product by Melanie from Mr. Kong's Mom. She keeps it real and wouldn't recommend a product she truly didn't love. So on I went to try this hyaluronic acid. As expected, I love it.

      i. I love that I can order it off Amazon (free and fast prime shipping); 
      ii. I love that it leaves my dehydrated skin looking and feeling plump (yay for crows feet); and
      iii. I love that its under $10! 

     This product is a total win in my book and I plan on ordering the bigger size when I'm done with the bottle I have now. 

2. Revlon Colorstay Normal/Dry ($8.99-12.99)

   I purchased this foundation a couple of months ago. My skin is normally extremely oily but since having David my skin has been leaning towards normal/dry.  The Urban Decay All Nighter foundation I had been using during the summer was no longer cutting it for my now dryer skin. I pulled this gem out of my makeup stash and fell in love! The new formula contains hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate and plump the skin, leaving a beautiful finish. The foundation provides medium and buildable coverage that doesn't leave you looking like a cake face. This is a total win in my book.

3. Beauty Blender ($20.00)

   Okay, okay, okay.... I am late to the Beauty Blender game. I could never justify spending $20 for a sponge! There are certain things for which I do not mind spending extra on markup, a sponge wasn't one of them. One day while at Costco I spotted the famous Beauty Blender for $15.00, so I finally gave it a go by justifying the purchase with the awesome deal.

A month later and I'm fully obsessed. I haven't touched a foundation brush since! You dampen the sponge then squeeze the excess water out and use the sponge to apply your foundation. I also use it to apply my under eye concealer and it always leaves such a natural finish.  My only regret is that I should have purchased more. Scour your local Costco, and if you can't find one then bite the bullet and buy one at Sephora. They are totally worth it!

Mommy Favorites

1. Nuby Silicone Teething Toy ($3.99)

    Teething. It sucks. A lot. The only toy that seems to really soothe baby and keep him comforted is this Nuby Silicone Teething Toy. It isn't filled with anything so its safe and its easy to clean. I love that it has a ring so I could tie it to his teddy bear for safe keeping. Absolute life saver. 

2.  Orajel ($6.00)

      Two teething favorites in a row? Yes. It has been teething center at Casa Haas. Silly mommy tried to go the Highlands route with teething gel. Did absolutely nothing. I also tried those Camilia Teething drops. Also did absolutely nothing. Finally gave good old fashioned Orajel a go and it has been AMAZING. He doesn't like the fake cherry flavor but it numbs his gums quickly and helps ease the discomfort. Two huge thumbs up from this momma. 

3. Catch-All Bibs ($6.00)

    David's regular bibs have not been cutting it since having started him on baby food. They get soaked and don't cover enough ground. I found this bib at Buy Buy Baby and absolutely LOVE it. It keeps his clothes clean and catches any food that might drop or be spit out. The bib is easy to wipe clean so we used it every day until Winnie (our lab) decided she wanted to eat it :/  Needless to say, I restocked our supply and made sure to keep our stash away from Winnie.

Lifestyle Favorites

1. Copper Chef Pan ($74.99)

    Admission, this was a purchase driven by a late night infomercial session. Do I regret it? Not one bit. Since going Keto we have been cooking a lot more with cheese and heavy cream and this pan has stood up to the challenge. I love how easy it is to clean an how versatile it can be. We have other pots and pans but I find myself always coming back to this baby for almost every meal. Bonus, you can use a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond and get it at a reduced price. You're welcome ;) 

     Having a lab means having a lot of dog hair everywhere. I was having to haul our heavy and clunky vacuum cleaner everywhere in order to keep up with Winnie's shedding. I seriously needed to do something to make this every day chore easier and more enjoyable:/ 

     When my bestie, Taralyn, told me about her cordless Dyson I knew that this was the answer to my shedding dilemma. Sure enough, cleaning up after Winnie has become so much faster, easier, and I no longer dread busting out the vacuum. 

    I love Nespresso coffee but I hate paying for shipping. I have searched high and low for Nespresso Compatible capsules that taste amazing and are easily accessible. I was someone's vlog and they mentioned these pods. I am so glad I gave them a shot because I absolutely love them! I've been pairing the vanilla flavored espresso with pumpkin spice and it has been amazing ;) 

      That concludes my favorites for the month of October. What have you been loving? 


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