Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 Ultimate Planner Setup: Midori, Bullet Journal, and the Happy Planner Hybrid

Ultimate Planner Setup for 2017: Bujo Midori Happy planner hybrid.

     I am so excited to share this year's planner setup with you. In my humble opinion, it is the bees knees. It honestly contains my world in one adorable and organized planner system. In order to achieve the ultimate planner, I combined three popular planner types: Midori, Bullet Journal, and the Happy Planner.

    The planner contains the following sections: 
    • Master To Do List
    • Gratitude/Vision Board
    • Motivational/Goal Planning
    • Calendar (Monthly, Weekly, and daily)
    • Blog/Vlog Hustle
    • Home Binder
      • Cleaning/Meal Planning
      • Finances
    • Collections
      • The "traditional" bullet journal setup where I can add anything I want. So far I have an insert for movies to watch, books to read, and a mood tracker. 

       The video linked below best shows the setup. If I haven't said it enough already, this is truly the ultimate planner.

       Feel free to let me know what type posts you would like to see in the future ;) Until next week, happy planning!

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  1. This a really comprehensive approach to your planning...I think you've covered all the bases and hit a home run! Congrats!