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February Favorites: Beauty, Baby and Lifestyle

February Favorites: Lifestyle, Beauty & Baby

      I am excited to share some of my most loved products during the month of February. Here are some of the must-try items I've recently discovered: 

Beauty Favorites

      I have been on the search for a new eye cream and it's safe to say that I've found the one. I am in love with this eye cream. It honestly leaves Gucci's eye cream in the dust. Fresh claims that this eye cream will help with dark circles, puffiness, firmness and elasticity. I can attest that it certainly has helped me with puffiness, firmness and elasticity. My makeup goes on a lot smoother with less settling in to fine lines and wrinkles. I am not too sure about the effect on my dark circles, but then again I am a sleep deprived momma and fear the only help for me would be the fountain of youth!

February Favorites: Lifestyle, Beauty & Baby

     I absolutely LOVE this stuff. My skin has been extra dry lately and the in shower moisturizers just weren't cutting it. Enter Dr. Teal's Body Oil. I put this on after having finished my bathing routine while still being in the shower. I lightly rinse it off and then pat dry before putting clothes on. I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels and the lavender scent is just an added bonus. 

February Favorites: Lifestyle, Beauty & Baby

   I cannot get enough of this shimmer block! I use the lightest shade as a highlight above my cupid's bow, cheek bones, and nose. I then use all three remaining shades as a bronzing glow to my cheeks. Absolutely obsessed with this highlight/cheek combo. If you have a Sephora or Laura Mercier counter near you, I highly suggest you go swatch this beauty. 

February Favorites: Lifestyle, Beauty & Baby

Baby Favorites

1.    Teething Wafers 

     David absolutely loves these teething wafers! Because he is able to feed these to himself, I am able to fold laundry or do dishes while I watch him in his high chair. TOTAL WIN if you ask me. 

February Favorites: Beauty, Baby, and Lifestyle

***PLEASE NOTE*** I like the Happy Baby Teething wafers because they are thin and dissolve easily in baby's mouth. I DO NOT recommend the Plum Organics Little Yums. We accidentally ordered these instead of the Happy Baby wafers and found that they are too thick for David and don't dissolve as easily. We had a scary episode where he almost choked on one! Needless to say, we were not a fan and DO NOT recommend these. 


2.  Gro Egg

    I absolutely love this thing! I am so mad at myself for not having purchased it sooner. So, what is the Gro Egg? It is a temperature sensor that is placed inside your baby's nursery. The egg's color changes in relation to the temperature of the room. Blue = too cold for baby, Yellow = just right, Orange = a little warm, and Red = too hot for baby. 

   I purchased this item because David's room always feels cooler or warmer than the rest of the upstairs. I'm not sure if this is in relation to where the room is located or where the AC vent first releases the air. Whatever the case may be, I was always stressed out over the room temperature for baby. After purchasing the Gro Egg this is no longer the case! It has seriously saved me from so much worry, I HAD to include it in this month's favorites. 
February Favorites: Beauty, Baby, and Lifestyle

Lifestyle Favorites

1. Tazo Earl Grey with Bergamot's Lavender Essence

   Yes, yes, yessssss. Packing over 63 mg of caffeine per every 8 oz, this tea is a definite favorite. I love that this tea has a hint of lavender, making it so delicate while still packing a caffeine punch. I personally take it with a packet of Truvia and a splash of heavy cream. Sooooo good. 

February Favorites: Lifestyle, Beauty & Baby

       Laundry GAME CHANGER. This was also an accidental purchase that turned out to be a favorite. My husband, who hardly notices any changes to household or cleaning, asked me what had I done to the laundry because it smelled amazing! Total win. It is a scent booster with a fabric conditioner implemented in its formula. I do not use it as the sole fabric softener because of the price as it is a bit on the spendy side for laundry detergents/softeners ;) Instead I use a 50/50 mix with this and my tried and true Suavitel and this seems to works wonders on my laundry. I highly recommend you give it a go. 

February Favorites: Lifestyle, Beauty & Baby

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