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Brutally Honest Review On LipSense Ft. Pros and Cons List

Shockingly Honest Review on LipSense by SenGence: Pros and Cons

              If you have followed me from my YouTube days, then you know how much of a makeup addict I am. Naturally, I just had to write a review on the much talked about long wear liquid lipstick LipSense, by SenGence. I go through my pros, cons, and whether I would repurchase this product again. 

         I do not sell LipSense nor do I have any friends who do. This is my brutally honest review on the product that has probably taken over your social media feeds. Seriously, I went into Ulta and a lady was asking the sales associate for a gloss to put over her LipSense! It is everywhere 👐.

       I purchased three colors: pink champagne, apple cider, and praline rose. I also purchased the clear "glossy gloss" that seals the liquid lipstick and creates the long-lasting effect. I wore these three colors for about two weeks and tested their wearability as well as any factors which SenGence attributed to the product. This is what I found: 


    1. Long-Wearing; 
    2. Transfer Proof; 
    3. Doesn't Irritate Sensitive Skin; 
    4. Glossy Gloss Is Really Moisturizing; and
    5. Wide Range of Colors. 

1. Long-Wearing: Yes.  If you do not remove this product at the end of the day, you will wake up with residual lipstick on your lips. 

2. Transfer Proof: Yes. This product is extremely transfer proof when applied correctly and when continuously sealed with the SenGence glossy gloss.  

3. Doesn't Irritate Sensitive Skin: This product does not irritate my baby's skin. He has extremely sensitive skin and I can still kiss him without it causing a reaction. 

4. Glossy Gloss is Really Moisturizing: I can safely say that this is my favorite moisturizing gloss. It leaves my lips feeling so soft and the texture is neither sticky or smelly. 

5. Wide Range of Colors: SenGence has provided a massive range of shades with their LipSense line. They have cool, warm, and neutral shades which can complement every skin tone. 


    1. Takes Longer Than Normal to Apply; 
    2. Extremely Thin Formula; 
    3. Not Readily Available At Retailer;
    4. Comes Off With Acidic Food; 
    5. Bad For Flaky Chapped Lips; 
    6. MUST use Glossy Gloss repeatedly throughout day; and
    7. MUST use SenGence remover. 

1. Takes Longer Than Normal To Apply: Oh, My, Word. Boy, oh, boy. In order to apply this lipstick, you must apply three separate layers with a dry time of around 5 seconds in between. Once you have finished those three layers, you must then wait another 5 seconds before you apply the clear glossy. 

2. Extremely Thin Formula: Because the formula is extremely thin, you must ensure to remove any excess on the applicator before applying it to your lips. If you fail to remove the excess, you can end up with splotchy and uneven color on your lips. 

3. Not Readily Available At Retailer: This is a huge con for me. I am a lover of instant gratification and having to go through a sales person and then wait for shipment is the polar opposite of instant.

4. Comes Off With Highly Acidic Food: Despite the product staying on your lips 90% of the time, it will come off with certain foods. Specifically, those high in acidity. The two times this has happened, it did not leave a pleasant taste in my mouth and left my lips feeling gritty. Once I reapplied the clear glossy gloss, my lips went back to feeling normal. However, I could see that the color on my lips was now splotchy. 

5. Bad For Flaky Lips: If you have dry flaky lips, I would highly recommend you exfoliate prior to using this product. If you have a patch of dry skin which comes off during the day, it will be left without color. You must either remove the entire application or attempt to cover the specific "bald" spot. However, if you try to cover the spot, you risk splotchy coloring.

6. Must Use Glossy Gloss Throughout The Day: If you fail to reapply the glossy gloss or attempt to use another brand of clear gloss, you risk having the lipstick lose its long-wearing properties. I have tried using other glosses and they have left my lips feeling gritty a bit after the initial application. 

7. Must Use SenGence Remover: Aside from highly acidic food, this stuff does not come off! You either have to purchase the SenGence remover or use the Neutrogena soap to remove this product. Even with the Neutrogena soap, I still have to scrub at my lips to remove the lipstick! The pro to this con is that you end up with really soft and exfoliated lips. 


       Heck, yes! I love this stuff, regardless of any cons. I can finally wear lipstick around my son. Despite its drawbacks, it is THE BEST liquid lipstick I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot). The fact that it is extremely long wearing, leaves my lips soft, and comes in a wide range of colors has won me over. Am I claiming it's angel kisses in a tube? No. Is it still amazing? Yes. 

         If you have been on the fence on whether or not to purchase this product, I would go ahead and give it a try. You just might find your new favorite liquid lipstick!

        That is it for this week's beauty post. Let me know what type of content you would like to see in the future or if there are any products you would like reviewed. I love reading your feedback. Until next week, stay fabulous!


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