Sunday, May 21, 2017

Apple Watch vs. FitBit Blaze: Which Is Better?

      I'm going to spare you all the bull **** and tell you right from the start: it all depends on who you are and what you like to do. What does this even mean?!?  If you are all about fitness (with the exception of swimmers), then the FitBit is the clear winner. No contest, not even close. It is a true fitness tracker with watch capabilities. 

      If you are all about technology, gadgets, and staying connected wherever you are, then the Apple is the clear winner here. No contest, not even close. It is a true smart watch with fitness tracking capabilities. 

      Well, what if you are both fitness oriented and love gadgets? Chances are, this very question is what brought you to this blog post. If so, keep reading. There are a couple of solutions at the end of the post. 

Fit Bit Blaze: Why it's a better fitness tracker.

  • FitBit Dashboard: cleaner and more concise;

FitBit Dashboard

  • Competing:  Challenges are already integrated into the FitBit App and are based on an Equal Unit of Measure (Steps). The app also notifies you of your progress or regress during challenges. 

  • Sleep Tracking: Is already integrated into the FitBit App and the automatic sleep detection and sleep sensitivity are amazing.

  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring: The FitBit tracks your heart rate every second during workouts and every 5 seconds the rest of the day. Huge win over the Apple Watch as it only checks your heart rate every 10 minutes when not in "workout" mode;

  • Heart Rate Levels: Clearly Delineates When In Fat Burning Mode. This was a huge motivator when I was on the ketogenic diet. 

  • Altimeter: The Fitbit automatically detects elevation and can thus easily track any flights of stairs you have climbed. The apple watch fails in this regard and requires the iPhone in order to track changes in elevation. 

  • Fitness Notifications: Not only does it send you notifications throughout challenges, it also celebrates and throws a mini wrist party when you reach your daily step goal. 

  • Weight:  The FitBit is extremely lightweight and less bulky, making it great for working out or sleep tracking. 

  • Battery Life: The FitBit Blaze can last about a week where the Apple Watch needs to be charged every day; 

Apple Watch: Why it's a better smart watch. 

  • Watch Face Customization: Clearly outperforms the FitBit with its ability to input pictures, weather, stocks, etc., directly on to the watch face; 

  • Graphics and Touchscreen: Far superior to the FitBit Blaze; 
  • Phone Capabilities: Ability to send and reply to texts, make phone calls, and read and respond to emails. This clearly outperforms the FitBit, wherein you can only see incoming text and calls; 
  • Apps: The ability to have applications such as 2Do and Evernote directly on your wrist is a total game changer for me. If you need to input a new task or grocery list item, you can do so directly from your wrist without having to go searching for your iPhone; 
  • Find My iPhone: Total game changer. The apple watch allows you to send your your phone a ping, enabling you to find if you have misplaced it. It even works when your phone is on silent! Totally necessary for busy moms; and 
  • Notifications: you receive all of your phone notifications on your wrist. This includes schedule reminders and task reminders, my two biggest assistants. This feature really enables me to stay on top of my schedule and daily tasks, resulting in a smoother and happier day. 

Which Watch Is Right For You?

   There is a clear answer if you are either a Fitness Junkie or A Tech Junkie. The real dilemma occurs when you want it all. There are two solutions: one rests in combining both the FitBit and the Apple Watch, and the Other on the Apple Watch entirely. 

Solution #1: Combining the FitBit with the Apple Watch

       This solution entails you wearing your Apple Watch and FitBit simultaneously. Yes, this might seem cumbersome but if you are a true lover of what FitBit has to offer and want the amazing smart watch capabilities of the Apple watch then you will understand the need to wear both. They are two entirely different beasts and in my humble opinion deserve their own place on my wrists. 

   That said, I opt for the slimmest FitBit, disguising it in a beautiful bangle and use the following applications to makeup for any differences and reconciliation: 

  • SyncSolver: syncs the information between your two devices and their dashboards 

  • Cardiogram: adds continuous heart rate monitoring to your apple watch. 

 Solution to Apple vs Fitbit dilemma syncing both fitness tracker and smart watch

 Solution to Apple vs Fitbit dilemma syncing both fitness tracker and smart watch

Solution #2: Apple Watch Fitness Customization 

     The second solution is reliant entirely upon the Apple Watch. You can rely on the following applications to beef up the fitness aspect of the smart watch: 

  • Cardiogram: adds continuous heart rate monitoring to your apple watch.

  • Pacer: step based challenges, however still lacking in challenge based notifications and friends must also download the pacer application.

  • FitPort: cleaner health dashboard, replacing Apple's Health Kit.  

  • SleepMatic: best sleep tracking App I have tried. In order to use, I recommend charging your watch during any down time such as showers, working on computer, or right before bed. 

      With all that said, I hope this post has helped you narrow down which watch is best for you or if you will be opting to sport both, the Apple Watch AND the FitBit. 

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