Sunday, May 14, 2017

Favorite MAC Products Now At Ulta!

Best MAC Products Now At Ulta

    In honor of Ulta now carrying MAC Cosmetics, I decided I would share with you my current favorites. I'm talking Holy Grail status here! Needless to say, I am super excited about the points I will get from simply repurchasing my favorites. If you aren't aware of Ulta's point system you are seriously missing out. It is THE BEST! Their points convert into actual money so you can buy whatever you want with what you've accrued. 


Holy perfect skin. Yessssssss. This powder foundation gives you amazing coverage on its own or extreme flawless coverege when used to set your liquid foundation. I'm talking porcaline doll skin! It is matte so if you do not like matte finishes then you can set with a dewy setting spray or skip on to the next favorite ;) 

Best MAC Products Now At Ulta

This powder is amazing. I have repurchased this product in Light Plus and Medium Plus because I like to use it as a natural contour on light days. On days where I haven't self tanned, I use light plus to set my entire face. The powder is so light yet you could visibly see a difference after you've applied it. 

Best MAC Products Now At Ulta

MAC Blush in Melba

This is my holy grail blush. Seriously, hands down the only blush I could wear for the rest of my life. It is that good. If you haven't swatched this, you need to ASAP. It is flattering on almost every skin tone and leaves you looking healthy without drawing attention to pores or textured skin. Amazing. 

Best MAC Products Now At Ulta

MAC Lipstick In Patisserie

Obsessed would be putting it mildly. I am in love with this perfect pink nude. Everyone always says "your lips but better," but this truly is your lips but better. I use to stick to the very pale nudes such as myth or japanese maple but when Nicole gifted this beauty to me it quickly became my new favorite. I dare even say holy grail status. It is what I am wearing in the video at the end of the post so you could see it in action!

Best MAC Products Now At Ulta

MAC Cremesheen Lip Glass in Deelight

This is another gift from the beautiful Nicole Shay. Another amazing find! It pairs beautifully with patisserie and makes your lips look juicy! I also have this on in the video below if you would like to see it ;)

Best MAC Products Now At Ulta

     That concludes my top picks from MAC Cosmetics. I am so excited to finally start accruing awesome points (a.k.a. money) through Ulta! What are your favorites and are you excited about the move to Ulta? 

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