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How I Whiten My Sensitive Teeth At Home - Birthday Month Giveaway!

How I Whiten My Coffee Stained Sensitive Teeth At Home

      I am so excited to share this week's beauty post with you! With Summer right around the corner, I have been trying to get my mommy groove back. If you follow me on Snapchat you know I have been trying multiple beauty products such as self-tanners, firming lotions, and teeth whitening products

   Later this month I will share my self-tanner and firming lotion finds, but today's post is all about teeth whitening and man did I stumble on a good one! Around mid-March, I had yet to find anything that my sensitive teeth could tolerate. So when Smile Brilliant reached out to me about their teeth whitening kit and sponsoring a giveaway if I liked their product, I literally jumped for joy.  Potential win for me AND my subbies? Yes, please!



      I have extremely sensitive teeth. Extremely. There are several reasons why teeth may become sensitive. As for me, I was an aggressive brusher which led to the wearing down of the protective layers on my teeth. This exposed microscopic canals that lead up to my nerves and every time I would eat, brush or even breath with my mouth open I would suffer major discomfort. 

     My dentist recommended I only use a motorized tooth brush as well as special toothpaste that helps with tooth sensitivity. I no longer have pain relating to tooth sensitivity! However, and this is a big 'however', whenever I use teeth whitening products my teeth become extremely sensitive all over again. The oh so popular Crest strips? Can't have them on longer than a minute. Excruciating, horrible, pain. The same goes for the Colgate tooth whitening toothpaste I use to love!


     I am an avid coffee drinker. This is a habit that solidified itself during my years in law school. I went from the ocassional cup of coffee to straight up espresso-based drinks two or three times a day, and my teeth show it. I also have a small tetracycline stain on one of my teeth. 


       Smile Brilliant offers two types of teeth whitening systems: Sensitive and Non-Sensitive ($129 - $179). Clearly, I chose the Sensitive. Every sensitive system comes with the following: 

  • Whitening Gel;
  • Desensitizing Gel;
  • Base Paste;
  • Catalyst Paste;
  • Mold Trays;
  • Instructions; and
  • Return Envelope w/Postage Paid.

How I Whiten My Coffee Stained Sensitive Teeth At Home


           The kit provides you with three sets of base and catalyst paste. Technically you only need two sets but they throw in an extra in case you mess up. Guess what? I messed up 😂 I am so glad they included that extra set! 

      In order to avoid my mishap, quickly take your impressions after having mixed both the base and catalyst paste. I waited too long and the mixed paste hardened to the point where I couldn't sink my teeth in. Total user error since the instructions clearly say to take your impressions right after mixing the two pastes. My bad. On the bright side, Smile Brilliant accounted for my user error. #winning

    It took about a week for my trays to be delivered once my molds had been sent out. I quickly put them to the test and they are easily and by far the best whitening trays I have ever used. They fit snuggly on my teeth and go far enough up my gums so that none of the solution comes out into my mouth.  

   The custom fitted trays Smile Brilliant provides are one of the major reasons I would recommend this product to friends and family. I have tried other trays that leave me chained to the sink because I become a drooling mess, strips that slip and slide, and LED lights that are way too bulky and drool producing to let me go about my business while I whiten. Being a busy mom, I multi-task everything and these trays let me add teeth whitening to the to-do list. 

       My favorite time to wear the whitening trays is when I am zone cleaning and my son is down for a nap or when we've finished dinner and I'm getting my son ready for bed. Because the trays are a custom-fit, I am able to talk while wearing them and can still read David his bedtime stories. 

   The second reason, and I think my primary reason, for recommending Smile Brilliant to friends and family is how amazing this is on my sensitive teeth. It is the only teeth whitening system that doesn't leave me in cringing pain. 

    I was seriously skeptical about the solution not hurting my extremely sensitive teeth. I decided to take it slow and start with a 20-minute session, followed by a 35-minute session and ultimately a 45-minute session. Each time I followed up with the desensitizing gel. No teeth sensitivity! Seriously amazed. 


     The third and clear reason I would recommend Smile Brilliant to friends and family is that it works. I was able to brighten my smile despite my sensitivity and cautious approach to whitening. 

   The "after" image shown below was taken after the third application. I am amazed at how much brighter my smile looks, especially since I took a gradual approach as to the whitening time and continued to drink coffee throughout. Let's be real, coffee is everything 🙌.

How I Whiten My Coffee Stained Sensitive Teeth At Home

     Each syringe provides 3-4 treatments and the smallest kit comes with three syringes. With one syringe I was able to lift stains due to coffee and wine drinking, but have yet to lift the deeper set tetracycline stain. I am excited to see how much brighter I can make my smile with the remaining whitening gel. 

     I am so glad I have been able to find something that my teeth can actually tolerate and that will do an awesome job at brightening my smile. Smile Brilliant is a total favorite and I will definitely be purchasing refills. 

      Now that I've been able to try out Smile Brilliant's system for myself, I feel extremely confident in recommending their teeth whitening kits, above and beyond any other whitening system I have ever used. 


      Because it is June, my birthday month, I will be doing a giveaway once every week and this week it is a Smile Brilliant kit for one of my awesome subscribers

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      If you would like to purchase the Smile Brilliant Kit you can do so through their website and use a 5% coupon code: malenahaas 


      I hope you've enjoyed this week's beauty post. As always, don't forget to subscribe and please let me know what you would like to see in the future. I love hearing from you and truly feel blessed to have you as a visitor to my blog. 



How I Whiten My Coffee Stained Sensitive Teeth At Home

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  1. I have sensitive teeth as well so any whitening scares the crap out of me but something you say it works I wanna try 👍

  2. I have sensitive teeth as well so any whitening scares the crap out of me but something you say it works I wanna try 👍