Monday, September 18, 2017

Must Have Beauty, Baby, & Lifestyle Favorites

Current Beauty, Baby, & Lifestyle Must Haves

      I am so excited to share my current favorites with you! I've found some amazing new beauty, baby and lifestyle products. All of which are a definite must try.  



      The first beauty favorite is a total game changer for my skin. I use a 1.5 mm dermaroller on my skin to combat acne scaring and enlarge pores. They say that continued use of a dermaroller provides the same results as a Fraxel lazer resurfacing treatment! I was very skeptical at first but totally believe after the results I've received. 

 You can find instructions on how to use a dermaroller here:

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Heather

This is the epitome of a Fall crease color. Absolutely perfect. I love mauve tones for the fall and this Bobbi Brown shadow fits the bill. It blends beautifully, isn't too loud, and is totally daytime appropriate. 

NYX Blush in Amber 

I stumbled upon this blush whilst visiting Seattle. I had left my blush back at home and didn't want to invest in a blush that might get trashed during travel. This unassuming blush has turned into an everyday fave. It has pretty good staying power for a drugstore blush and goes with almost every eye look I've thrown together thus far. A total champ!

 Nyx Blush In Amber


   Absolutely obsessed with these shoes! They are water resistant which means they are perfectly okay for the splash pad and park. Not to mention they are the only soled shoes that manage to stay on David's feet long enough to do any good. I definitely need to pick these up in a navy color. 

iPad Case 

  This iPad case was discovered through Taralyn. I needed something that would survive my toddler and she pointed me in the direction of this awesome iPad case. It has been amazing. It's withstood being stepped on, thrown, and flung. It also serves as a stand so it can keep your little occupied while you try and get things done around the house. Absolute winner. 


Cramp Bark

   Where has this been all my menstrual life?!? Seriously. Cramp Bark has changed my life for the better.  This stuff has almost done away with my menstrual cramps. I mean, I have 800 mg. ibuprofen tablets that I NEED to take for my monthly cycles and this Cramp Bark has made that a thing of the past. I definitely feel this is worth a shot if you have ever suffered through severe menstrual cycles.

DISCLAIMER: consult a physician before incorporating any major lifestyle changes. 

Handheld Steamer

    I am absolutely obsessed with my handheld steamer. I use it for everything from curtains, to sheets, to everyday clothes. I love that it is so compact I can carry it throughout my home. I also have a larger steamer but find it's such a hassle to lug it around the house. This handheld steamer has definitely been a time saver and has made my homemaking life a little easier. 

Phone Stand

       My last lifestyle favorite is a little blingy. David broke my last iPhone case that came with a stand and I definitely missed it. I ordered this iPhone ring style stand off of Amazon and am obsessed. I love that it can serve as a stand but also allows me to hold my phone securely by sliding a finger through the large ring. A total phone saver if you have a large phone and find yourself dropping it more often than not. 

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