Friday, November 3, 2017

❤ FREEBIE Friday❤ How To Resize Inserts With FREE Printable!

how to resize printables w free template

Today's post originated out of my most frequently asked question, "how do I resize printable downloads?" I created a video and blog post tutorial demonstrating how I easily resize inserts utilizing a pre-sized digital file, a file that is this week's freebie! I am including both personal (MM) as well as A5 (GM) sizes, but feel free to let me know if you would like any other sizes added to the mix. Don't forget to download and save, as always, the freebies get transferred to the shop within a week of going live. 

How To Resize Digital Downloads

Step 1: 

Save desired Digital Download as JPG format. 

Step 2: 

Download (right click and save as) my free printable with your desired planner insert size.

how to resize printables w free template 

Step 3: 

Open my free printable in either Preview (free Apple program) or Google Drawings (Free Google Program). If you choose Google drawings, make sure your page is set up to 8.5 x 11 in. like this: 

Step 4 (in Preview): 

Open your desired printable in Preview, alongside the resize download. 

Click on your desired printable (Goal tracker in this scenario) and hit "Command" & "A", and then click on the resize printable and git "Command" & "V". 

      To resize the insert in the digital file, simply move any of the blue dots. If you need to either just make the insert shorter or sinnier without affecting the other, simply hit "alt/option" & "Shift" while moving the desired blue dot. 

Step 4 (In Google Drawings): 

Either drag and drop the printable into the opened resizing file like this: 

Or go to "Insert" -> "Image"  like this: 

  Then resize the insert to fit into the presized rectangle by moving the blue squares, like this: 

Step 5: 

     The last step is printing. The key to printing the perfect printable is to either print at 100% or on "Actual Size."

 That is it for this week's long awaited freebie! I hope you found it useful and as always, don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on any future freebies or awesome content. 




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