Tuesday, April 24, 2018

3 Must Have Face Masks For Dehydrate, Acne Prone or Dull Skin!

Chances are you've battled dehydrated, dull or acne ridden skin at some point in your life... and if you haven't, please don't tell me. I will cry. Literally.

In any event, today's post is for those of us who have battled with less than optimal skin situations. Im writing all about what masks I use to combat my main three skin issues: dehydrated, dull or acne ridden skin. 


I have acne prone skin with no shortage of oil, however, this does not preclude me from having dehydrated skin. Oh no, this momma gets the best of both worlds and my skin can be dehydrated and oily all at the same time. 

In order to make my skin look healthy and plump I turn to Clinique's Moisture Surge Overnight mask. This mask is light weight and goes on after my normal skincare routine and it doesn't interrupt any of the other products since it doesn't have to be removed. 

I really noticed how valuable it was when I stopped using it. My skin wasn't as plump and healthy looking as before and the only thing I had stopped using was this mask. Needless to say I will never be caught without it again! (I double up on it since it tends to sell out often)

Must Try Mask For Dehydrated Skin www.HauteHaas.com
 Must Try Mask For Dehydrated Skin www.HauteHaas.com


As I mentioned before, I have been blessed with acne prone skin. I fight my irritated and angry breakouts with Mario Badescu's Drying Mask. This is another holy grail mask that I don't see myself going without. 

This mask calms my breakouts down within one use. I notice that my skin is less irritated and much more manageable. Disclaimer: it does smell like rotten eggs. It is a sulfur based mask and even though it doesn't smell the best, it really works. That is enough for me to keep on using it and sing it high praise. 
 Face Mask For Irritated Acne Prone Skin
 Face Mask For Irritated Acne Prone Skin www.HauteHaas.com


My last major skin issue is dealing with dull and lack luster skin. I love to use this vibrancy boosting mask by Fresh, ten to twenty minutes before applying my makeup for the day. I've noticed that it improves my radiance and acts like a mood boosting aromatherapy session to boot (it smells very citrusy!) It's definitely a must-have in my book. 

 Face Mask For Dull Looking Skin www.HauteHaas.com
 Face Mask for Dull Looking Skin www.HauteHaas.com

      Let me know if you have tried any of these masks or if you have any holy grail go to masks of your own! 






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