Sunday, November 11, 2018

How To Grow Your Hair Long And Health: My Updated Hair Routine

 How to Grow Long and Healthy Hair After Damaging It With Bleach

Once of the most frequently asked questions I get is how I keep my long hair looking so shiny and healthy, so today's post is dedicated to all the hair things. 


If you have followed me for a while then you know that I have previously fried my hair attempting to go lighter. I mean I had serious breakage and I still see little bits of broken hair every time I brush. So my first step back to healthy hair was no more bleach. 


The second step to healthy hair was only washing my hair once a week. I gradually worked myself up to this by cutting out washing days until I could get a full six to seven days before the next wash. This lets my hair develop its natural oils which protect the hair and don't strip it any further. This might sound gross to some but dry shampoo really extends the life of a blow out! Here are my favorite Shampoo, Conditioner, mask, and dry shampoo (I use the dark brunette). 


After washing my hair I let it dry up to 70% by putting it in a turbie-twist hair towel for about 15 minutes and then letting it air dry for another 15-20 minutes. This cuts down the time I have to apply heat to my hair and further protects it from damage. 

Once my hair is mostly dry I go ahead and apply a leave-in conditioner and a heat protectant spray that also happens to smell amazing. I then take a wide toothed comb and brush my hair out before rough drying it for about 10-15 minutes. If had curly hair I would definitely need to use a round brush, but because my hair is wavy I just flip my head upside down and "helicopter" dry it. 

Once my hair is dry, I spray dry shampoo (it's preventative and it adds texture/volume) and then go in with my curling iron. I absolutely LOVE my curling iron because I can get my hair done in around 10 minutes flat. It took a little getting use to because its a modified flat iron, but I seriously can't live without this thing now that I've passed the initial learning curve. I also attribute my curls lasting all week to the iron. I don't even use any hairspray on the ends anymore!

Once my hair is curled and cooled off I then go in with a little bit of oil at the ends. I make sure to warm it up in my hands and then comb through just the ends of the hair. 

If I want extra volume at the top, I will go ahead and tease it using a little of this hair spray because it can easily be brushed out and I'm not left with a birds nest on top of my head the whole week. 


I manage to make my curls last by doing two things, when I have to put my hair up I like to keep it in a low bun like this: 

 How to Grow Long and Healthy Hair After Damaging It With Bleach

I wrap the curls and then hold the bun up with these hair ties. They are absolutely amazing because the do not leave kinks in your hair. Also, they recently came out with an extended line which includes stronger ties for people with thicker hair! Obsessed. 

The second think I like to do is sleep on silk pillow case every night. Not only does it help prevent wrinkles but it also helps keep my hair silky soft. 

And that is it! That is how I keep my hair looking soft, bouncy, shiny and healthy. I hope I answered all of your questions, if not, feel free to leave any down below in the comments section. 


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