Thursday, January 5, 2017

FREEBIE Friday! Weight Loss Tracker Printable And Planner Insert

Weight Loss Tracker Printable - Planner

    Happy Freebie Friday y'all! January is the beginning of a new chapter in everyone's lives. Whether you are continuing on with a goal from last year or setting new goals for the year to come, this week's freebie is perfect for you! I personally am printing it and putting it in my Big Happy Planner setup. I am obsessed with the ability to print inserts in normal 8.5 x 11. Easy Peasy! If you have a different sized planner then you will want to print in the following dimensions: 

A4             8.27 x 11.7  
A5             5.83 x 8.27
Personal    3.74 x 6.73
Pocket       3.19 x 4.72
Mini          2.64 x 4.13

      In order to download this week's freebie, simply click on the image below. 

             Feel free to let me know what type of freebies you would like to see in the future ;) Until next week, happy planning!



  1. thank u so much for this beautiful freebie
    Greets from Germany