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10 Ways to Feel Productive PLUS Free Printable Worksheet!

10 Ways To Feel Productive PLUS Free Printable WorkSheet!

          Ever felt so scattered you had no clue where to start? This week's productivity post is just for you! I know I have personally felt this way in the past and the following actions have helped me get my life back in order each and every time.  

1.   Add Some Freebies To Your "To Do" list

      You heard me right. Go on and give yourself some freebie accomplishments. (eg. brush teeth, get dressed for the day, eat breakfast... you get the point). 

     When you look at your list and feel like you haven't accomplished anything all day, start listing your daily tasks or chores and you will see that you have actually accomplished a lot of adulting for the day. This will keep you motivated and help you move onto the bigger tasks on your list. 

2.   Clean Off Your Work Area

       Even if you just have to shove everything into a box, a large box, do it. Working in a cluttered environment will keep your mind thinking of everything else you have to do. This is horrible for productivity. Instead, clear off your work area and focus on one task at a time. You will see how much more efficient you become and will want to make this a regular habit... keeping the desk clean, not shoving things into boxes. 

3.   Write Out An Action Plan 

          When the walls seem to be caving in on you, write it out. I know it sounds easier said than done, but trust me it is totally doable. This works exceptionally well when you don't know where to start with a particular task or project.  Simply break down the project in the following manner: 

Research:                       (research steps to accomplish goal)
Step 1 (deadline):
Step 2 (deadline):
Step 3 (deadline): 

I have gone ahead a created inserts to help with tackling overwhelming projects in the format listed above, in both the A5 and Personal sizes.


10 Ways To Feel Productive PLUS Free Printable WorkSheet!

4. and 5.   Do Your Hair And Nails

        This might seem bizarre but there is no better feeling than that of being physically "put together." When you've done your hair and nails, you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. You at least feel like you've got yourself together. 

6. and 7.   Meal Plan and Order Groceries Online

      Having meals in order for the rest of the week gives you one less thing to think about and it will definitely have you feeling like you have your life together. Even better, you can pre-order your groceries online from Walmart or a local grocer! This saves you time and money, making you feel like a super productive person. 

8.   Meal Prep Something Easy For The Week

     Quickly preparing your lunches for the week will save you a lot of time and money, leaving you feeling like a productivity boss. You won't have to spend any time thinking about what to eat, you can plan for a healthy lunch, and you won't be spending money eating out. Total adulting win!

9.   Clean Out Your Bag

     Let's face it... you cannot feel put together if when you go to pay for something all sorts of papers and receipts start falling out of your wallet or purse. A great way to quickly feel like you've got yourself together is cleaning out your wallet or bag. 

       A bag organizer like this helps me keep everything its place, especially when you're often switching bags!

10.  Map Out And Execute A Quick Night Time Routine 

   An easy way to have a productive evening is to reverse engineer your night time routine. Work backwards from the time you want to fall asleep and start adding a new habit you would like to create along with things you already do (eg. brush your teeth). An example of a quick night time routine would be: 

               8:00 p.m.    Brush Teeth/Wash Face
               8:15 p.m.     Make Tea
               8:30 p.m.    Read Book
               9:00 p.m.    Lights Out

         By incorporating items you already do into a new routine, you will find that it is much easier to create new and healthy habits. This, in turn, will leave you feeling like you've ended your day on a high note and will most likely wake up in a much more productive mood. 

       I hope you liked this week's productivity post. Please let me know what you would like to see in the future. I truly do appreciate all of your feedback. As always, don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on any future freebies or awesome content. 


10 Ways To Feel Productive PLUS Free Printable WorkSheet!

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