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Must Try Beauty And Skincare: Current Favorites

 Must Try Beauty and Skincare: Current Favorites

The current weather has been extremely harsh on my skin. Between the constant change in climate and my pregnancy hormones, my poor face and hands have been in need of some extra TLC. It is no wonder that this month's favorites are geared towards skin care and making my skin look its best. But let's be real, there's still some makeup in this post because I am a beauty junkie. 

Frankincense Essential Oil and the Clinique Moisturizer have been my skin care MVPs. I've had aggravated cystic acne and the only thing that will help soothe and heal my skin is this magic duo. I mainly attribute the healing properties to the Frankincense Essential Oil because it is antibacterial, reduces swelling and helps with fading skin discoloration or scars. It truly is a miracle in a bottle and I am so thankful that I am still able to use it during pregnancy. 

After I finish cleansing my skin I apply the Frankincense Essential Oil to any affected area and let it sink in before applying the  Clinique Moisturizer. I LOVE this moisturizer because it is 100% fragrance free, uncomplicated and keeps things simple but effective. The last thing my disgruntled face needs is more drama!

If you are struggling with inflamed and irritated skin, I cannot recommend this combo enough. 

Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel 

 Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel - AKA Liquid Gold
This stuff is liquid gold. I seriously have to hide it from my husband or just go out and get him his own bottle. I use this three to four times a week. It essentially 'resurfaces' your skin, acting like a gentle peel. It is amazing for oily skin, evens my complexion, and helps bring out any painful cystic acne that needs to come to a head. It has also helped blackheads stay at bay and I honestly don't see myself living without this product. It is one of the newest additions to my skincare routine but it provides almost instant results. An absolute favorite!


In order to make my hands look their best I have switched to using The Gel Bottle Inc. Gel NailsSally Hansen's Cuticle Oil, and Jergens Hand Lotion. I use to use the nail dipping system for my nails: 
Red Carpet Nail Dipping Powder

Gel Bottle Inc. Builder Gel In A Bottle

But have totally switched it up to using brush on gel. The process saves me so much time and i really like the look and feel. I learned about the whole process through Courtelizz1 on YouTube. 

I finish up each nail session with Sally Hansen's Cuticle Oil, and Jergens Hand Lotion to keep my hands looking supple and polished. The Jergens Hand Lotion is especially hydrating and is the best hand lotion I've found thus far. 

             Cuticle OIl Ultra Healing Hand Lotion


Sephora Gel Gloss In Perfect Nude
 Perfect Nudge Gloss for Spring 2018
This was sent to me in one of my monthly subscription boxes and I can totally see why it is currently sold out online. At only $12, this gloss provides a sheer nude high gloss that leaves your lips looking juicier and pretty. The applicator makes it super easy to apply and the formula isn't sticky or overly fragrant. An absolute favorite, so much so I am going to have to make a special trip to the mall just for a repurchase. 

L'Oreal Voluminous X Mascara - Real Life Application - Blackest Black
This mascara has replaced my previous favorite. It is a fiber mascara where the primer isn't the typical white itchy liquid. The primer is black and the fibers are actually located in the second part of the application. It creates beautiful lashes that can definitely be built up to create a natural false lash effect. Needless to say, this mascara has been on constant repeat and repurchase. 

For the days when my hormones get the best of me, the Morphe Makeup Sponge and BECCA highlighter in Moonstone have been my go to duo. This combo lets me fake it 'till I make it, giving the illusion of flawless healthy skin. 

I have used A LOT of beauty sponges but I have to say that the Morphe sponge has to be my favorite. I never purchased it form Morphe directly but seeing it at Ulta made me take the $7 dollar plunge and I haven't looked back. I use its flat side to apply my foundation and it leaves the most natural finish while still giving me the full coverage I need. I then take the dampened pointed end and use it to apply the BECCA highlighter in Moonstone to my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. The highlighter gives me a faux glow because my real pregnancy glow is nowhere to be seen. If you have never used a beauty sponge to apply your highlight, please give it a try. Total game changer!

Estee Lauder Double Wear mixed with iT Cosmetics CC Cream

 Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Amazing Coverage            itCosmetics CC Cream

I have to admit that mixing my two favorite foundations together was not my original idea. I got the idea from watching a fashion vlogger from Vancouver and decided to give it a go. Holy Moly! The result is sheer perfection. You get the amazing hydration, skin benefits, and SPF 50 from the CC Cream with the added coverage and satin finish of the Double Wear. The cross-mix creates a slightly glowier satin finish that helps give me a faux pregnancy glow and is absolutely amazing. 

So there you have it, my current beauty and skincare favorites! Let me know if there is anything you have been loving. 



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