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Must Try Planner Accessories and Tools: Current Favorites Spring 2018

Must Try Planner Accessories and Tools: Current Favorites Spring 2018

I am sharing items that are currently rocking my planner world and think they will rock yours too. These are all items I have been loving and see myself either repurchasing over and over or using until the cows come home. 


Recollections Stickers"Must Do" Stickers

 Favorite Planner Stickers

I love stickers but I admittedly don't even use ten percent of the ones I already own. That is definitely not the case with my current favorites. They are functional stickers by recollections (On SALE for less than $2 right now!

They are functional and denote things that are actually going on in my life. Plus, they come in a cute gold and pink set which I find myself repurchasing over and over again. Total favorite!

Epson ET-2550 Eco Tank Wireless Inkjet Printer w/ Refillable Ink Tanks!

I am really excited to be giving you the lowdown on my new printer. I was really worried it wouldn't be worth the price, but man was I wrong! Obsessed would be putting it lightly. If you print a ton, then this printer is well worth the investment. At around $250 it is definitely pricier than other printers with similar features: 

  • wi-fi wireless printing;
  • scanner bed; and
  • duplex printing (only for windows based computers)

What makes this printer a STAR is its 'Eco-Tanks.' Instead of having to purchase traditional ink refills you simply have to fill the printers tanks with bottles of actual ink. The ink is cheaper and lasts longer due to the large capacity of the tanks. 

The printer is saving me a ton on ink refills and has awesome print quality to boot. It does take substantially longer for the printer to put out a higher quality print than it would an average print, however, this isn't something I really mind... especially when the final product is so pretty! 

Die Cuts Printed with Epson ET-2550
Die Cuts Printed with Epson ET-2550

Let me know if you would like for me to do a full review on this printer. I would love to give you the low down!

Photo Sticker Paper

I've purchased other photo paper before and kept finding that the black ink would always smear or transfer on to other paper. This does not happen at all with my new paper and am now a loyal repeat purchaser! Plus, at $10.99 a pack, the price for quality can not be beat. 

 Planner Dividers for Personal Planner - MM Size

I absolutely love the durability of these recollection dividers. I use them inside of my blog planning section and they fit nicely between the dividers I've already created for my planner. This enables my planner to maintain a clean and streamlined look, which I love!

.38 mm Gel Ink Pens

These gel ink pens have quickly become my go to pen when writing inside my personal or pocket sized planner. Because the nib is so fine I am able to write smaller and neater, giving my planner a cleaner and more organized look.... which, hello, if you are planning then you definitely are trying to organize your life. 

Plus, the ink is super pigmented making sure that whatever I am writing really stands out. Absolutely love these and definitely see myself repurchasing them. 

My Day On Two Pages

I reformatted my previous daily inserts and am in love! Basically I now have the to do/journaling section on the right hand side which makes it so much easier to write in my planner when I am on the go. I find that this section in particular is one that I am writing in throughout the day as opposed to the schedule that I establish in my morning routine and then just look at for reference. 

 Day On To Pages - Click To Purchase For $4.20

These were a freebie on the blog a couple of weeks back but can now be purchased through my printables shop. Be sure to follow so you don't miss out on any future freebies!

Please feel free to share what planner accessories or tools you have been loving. This momma needs all the help she can get!


Must Try Planner Accessories and Tools: Spring 2018

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